MyPet ID™ 2.1

Bioglass-encapsulated microchip storing a 15-digit identification number


  • Microchip: Ø 2.12 mm x 12 mm length

MyPet ID™ 2.1 is a permanent and unique pet identification solution, packed in a preloaded single-use and sterile syringe.

Each syringe comes in an individually sterilized pouch with eight barcode stickers.

MyPet ID 2.1 is sterilized using Ethylene oxide according to the ISO 11135 standard.

The syringe packaging is designed for an optimized sterility duration, of five years, in accordance with the ISO 11607 standard, for more safety.


  • Passive FDX-B radio-frequency identification microchip
  • Bioglass-encapsulated microchip
  • Stores a unique and inalterable 15-digit identification number
  • Can be programmed with any ISO-11784 compliant numbering, even in series
  • Anti-migrating technology (optional)


  • Easy-to-handle syringe for a quicker implantation
  • Sharp standard size needle (12 gauge)
  • Ergonomic syringe with “No return click system”
  • Detachable needle for easy disposal
  • Safety ring added, avoiding any premature microchip loss


  • Packed in a single pouch with eight barcode stickers
  • Packaging designed to guarantee a longer sterility duration of five years
  • Sterilization using Ethylene oxide, in accordance with the ISO 11135 standard
  • Syringes packed in a box of 10 microchips (other presentations optional)
  • White label service (customization of the box) possible, depending on volume


The ISO 11784 standard describes the structure and information of the identification code, which specifically dictates 15-digit codes.

The ISO 11785 standard defines the technical aspect of communication between a microchip and a scanner.

The ISO 11135 standard deals with all the necessary requirements for the sterilization of health care products, using Ethylene oxide. This sterilization process is recognized at the European level for sterilizing human and veterinary medical devices.

The ISO 11607 standard specifies the requirements and test methods for materials, preformed sterile barrier systems, sterile barrier systems and packaging systems that are intended to maintain sterility of terminally sterilized medical devices until the point of use.