Biomark TSU (Tissue Sampling Unit) for fish

Efficient and cost effective

Scientific advancements in genomics along with continued development of affordable analytics has changed the sampling industry. Collecting genetic samples has never been more efficient and cost effective as it is with the Biomark Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU).

The Biomark TSU for fish is supplied in several vial packaging options.

Each TSU includes a collection tube (vial), stainless steel blade punch, red plastic blade punch safety clip and is designed for a single, one-time use. The blade punch cuts and pushes the sample directly into the vial automatically sealing upon release. The proprietary liquid buffer is usable in DNA laboratory settings without restraints on existing DNA extraction protocols and provides a stable medium for multiple extractions.

TSU vial packaging options

  • Stackable Trays of (96) vials with lids
  • Boxes of (10) TSUs marked with (10) consecutive ID numbers (customized numbering available with special order)
  • Individual zip lock bags with TSU vial number on a peel away label with notation space for comments
  • Individual zip lock bags with a paired TSU and PIT tag, peel away label with notation space for comments.
  • Bulk option: box of (100) units in cardboard trays of 20 vials per tray. Optimal for large quantities where the well plates are not needed.