Sheep & Goats

Since 1936 we have collaborated with farmers on developing the most optimum solutions for the safe tagging of livestock. It all started with metal tags, although these days it is plastic ear tags that are most prevalent.


Combi 2000® – conventional ear tags
Combi 2000® is one of Europe’s most popular visual tagging systems for farm animals. These tags, which are developed, manufactured and sold by OS ID®, have become a sign of quality for manufacturers, slaughterhouses and consultancy services. The tagging system is flexible and practical, is available in several types and colours, and meets the requirements for the tagging of cattle.

CombiE® - electronic ear tagging system 

Our electronic ear tags are ICAR approved. This means that they satisfy international standards for electronic identification of farm animals – ISO 11784 and ISO 11785. This also means that the ear tags are compatible with electronic scales, reading equipment and other installations that comply with the standards.


OS ID Bolus are rumen pellets that enables tamper proof electronic lifetime traceability of mature ruminant animals. These boluses combine superior retention with safe recovery in the slaughterhouse, preventing any risk to the food chain. A RFID glass transponder is capsulated by high quality ceramic material and closed by a unique bolus plug.

Tissue sampling
Among the latest of our products are solutions for tissue sample taking. The
OS ID® TST (tissue sampling tags) allows you to obtain a tissue sample from the animal’s ear while you are tagging it, all in one action. OS ID® TSU (Tissue Sampling Unit) is a unique device for collecting tissue samples for analysis.