Effective tagging of fish

OS ID® supplies tags and reading equipment for use in the fisheries and aquaculture industries. The products are used in many types of processes and projects within this sector and are particularly well suited to broodstock production.

Collaboration with the world's leading specialist
With more than 20 years' experience Biomark is the world's leading specialist within the field of development and implementation of systems for tagging farmed fish and wild fish. OS ID® is Biomark's distributor in the Nordic countries.

High technology
Our customers’ needs are constantly changing, not least because of requirements regarding reliable and effective documentation and tracking within the production chain and management processes, and also because of the present day demand for safe food.

With their high-tech expertise, OS ID® and Biomark are at the forefront of these requirements. Safe and effective tagging is our primary goal – because this is important to our customers.

We tag living livelihood
Similar to livestock husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture are the subsistence, as well as the bread and butter of the livestock owner, the individual consumer, and society at large. OS ID® has been tagging living livelihood since 1936. Today, we are a leading international manufacturer of tagging systems.

Please contact OS ID® regarding the purchase of fish tags

Further information is available from our Sales Manager, Pål Kjellesvig Dalløkken.



Biomark is the world's leading specialist in electronic identification
of fish. OS ID® is Biomark's distributor in Norway and Sweden.