Durable and clear visual tagging of fish

OS ID® develops, manufactures and sells visual tags for the identification of mature fish.

Combi 2000® – a flexible tagging system 

Combi 2000® visual tags are developed and manufactured by OS ID®. This is one of Europe's most widely used livestock tagging systems and has also been used in the fisheries and aquaculture industries for over a decade. The tags are made from a very robust and durable special plastic compound, which is also soft and flexible. This allows the tags to be attached very firmly to the fish.

Combi 2000® is available in three sizes and ten colours. Numbers and letters are branded into the plastic tag with a laser. The laser imprint is clear, easy to read and will last for many years. The tags can also be printed upside down, increasing their readability.

Combi 2000® tags have particularly strong, patented locks. The tags are usually attached to the base of the dorsal fin or tail fin.

Micro® – small, lightweight tag 

Micro® are made from a soft and durable special plastic compound that keeps its shape. The tags are available in different colours and may be laser printed with large, easy-to-read characters.

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Biomark is the world's leading specialist in electronic identification
of fish. OS ID® is Biomark's distributor in Norway and Sweden.