Technology leader

Tissue sampling - a new era of analysis
The OS ID® TST and TSU are unique tools to allow farmers to collect small ear notch samples that today can be used for both genomic and viral disease (BVDV) diagnostic purposes. Testing new born cattle for presence of BVD virus using ear notch samples allows farmers to quickly diagnose this economically devastating disease, remove persistently infected and shedding animals and sanitize their farm over time.

Genomic analysis 

The same ear notch sample, collected with the OS ID® sample collection tools containing our preservative liquid, can be genomically examined on the newest and high level platforms. Genomic analysis allow farmers to make state of the art decisions on what animals to breed with, what animals to keep in production and what breeding matches are best for their future stock. With the OS ID® Tissue Sampling tools farmers are entering a new, exciting and cost efficient era of genomic analysis.


Electronic tagging - high-tech livestock identification 

OS ID® has developed CombiE®, an electronic tagging (EID) solution based on RFID technology. This system satisfies international ICAR-standards and comprises several product groups suited to various tagging requirements and types of livestock. EID facilitates electronic data collection and data processing at every stage of the value chain.

Advanced production technology 

We are a leading product developer. We are also at the forefront of production technology with highly advanced and fully automated plastic moulding and laser printing production lines. For example, OS ID® uses ultrasonic welding to attach ready-manufactured tags. We hold an international patent for this environmentally- and user-friendly technique.